Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Breath: Transform your Health by Breathing Light

This last 18 months, I have re-discovered how breathing can shift my mental and physical health in either direction.  Through the study of Buteyko Breathing Method, I’ve learned how to transform my mental awareness to one of anxiety to calmness and a feeling of sharp alertness.  When I’m breathing light, my focus is sharp and I feel my best. My skin has a healthy glow to it and my overall physique has improved.  When I begin to feel signs of anxiety or overwhelm, my attention goes to my breath and sure enough, I have begun to breath faster.  Slowing down and taking slow mindful breaths deep into my tummy helps me to relax.  I owe this all to my practice of Buteyko.  That’s what I got more educated and started to incorporate it into yoga therapy.   To understand more, go to my article written for the West Seattle Herald or schedule an appointment.  I will be teaching a 5 week series on Buteyko coming soon.

Trouble with meditation? Try this…

I love this time of year when the weather starts to change and I’m drawn to new routines.  I love to walk especially after rain; it smells so fresh.  The earthy textures and smells awaken my senses.  If you don’t have a regular practice of meditation, you might try using a short walk as a way of practicing mindfulness.  So many of my clients say that they have a hard time sitting and meditating.  Why not try a walking meditation. The Fall is a perfect time to try it with all the changing colors and smells.  Take a short walk, and allow your mind and senses to focus on what you see, smell, and feel.  If your mind wonders, as it will do, just remind yourself that you were just thinking, and return to sensing.  You can even try verbalizing to yourself what you are sensing.  The dew, the earthy smell, the soft leaves…  This type of meditation allows your awareness to expand and it can be very relaxing.  Take a break from thinking, planning, and worrying, and try to use your senses and enjoy.