Discovering ….

The beginning schedule has been published and it includes a little bit of everything so that the community can discover what type of movement will bring joy to their bodies.  We are here to help you discover the joy of movement, no matter whether that means through yoga, dancing, stretching, lifting, jumping, or many other forms

We have something for everyone, even those compelled to stay in a chair to protect knees or the back.  Our teachers listen to their students and help to modify and adapt the movement to those in the class.  They are truly compassionate and talented teachers.  I’m sure Melissa, our Zumba instructor, didn’t expect to have the class she did on Saturday, and she received such a nice compliment that it was the best Zumba class ever attended.  Her bright smile and warm demeanor helped everyone believe that they could dance and move their body with such joy, and oh, how they did.  The ‘Join the Resistance’ class was packed and Denise gave everyone a great resistance band workout.  It was fun to see so many people enjoying the class and filling the space with energy.