Monthly Archives: May 2018

Looking for a home practice?

BendnMove now offers a 20 – 30 minute practice that you can use at home to build strength, flexibility, balance, and agility.  Tamara has recorded practices that focus on different areas of your body and concepts to create ease in your movement.  I am happy to share the first two with you:   I will be creating a subscription for future practices that will be 8.95 per month.  Each month you will get two home practices that you can download and use.  The practices will be focused on movement, breath, and other ayurvedic and yoga concepts that are helpful in building a daily routine.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to providing this to you.  Feel free to send me an email at

Mindful Minutes Interview with Dr. Chris Hill of New Balance Chiropractic

This month’s Mindful Minute presentation is an interview with Dr. Chris Hill of New Balance Chiropractic.  Dr. Hill and Tamara are talking about how posture, and overall health of tissues can play a big part in managing allergies, asthma, and breathing related conditions.  The video is 4 minutes long and has some insights that may help you gain a better understanding of how your posture is effecting your health.  You can find the video on YourTube at this location: We invite comments and suggestions for next month’s Mindful Minutes.