A rock in a raging river

Does your practice support you during these challenging times? There has been so many wise words shared on Facebook, and through email. I feel compelled to share with you all the great thinking from so many yoginis that I share in sangha. “Be the rock in the raging river”. Having a practice that supports you through challenging times will help you maintain stability or have a path to regain it when you lose your footing. Sometimes the rocks bump into one another and we find support and connection. Science is now validating our need for social connection by reminding us that the social engagement system is part of how we modulate our nervous system. Stay connected through emails and conversations with friends, acquaintances, and family. Consider attending one of the Peace Sanctuary gatherings we have at BendnMove. It helps to sit in peace with other community members. If you don’t have a personal practice, think about creating one for yourself or ask for some help from BendnMove Yoga teachers. A personal practice doesn’t have to be on a mat, it can be a meditative walk, or sitting in meditation using mudras and mantras, or some other ritual that you do daily. Every person has different needs and each personal practice is indeed personal and different. I invite you to step into your own personal practice. You will find stability and peace and shine light into your dark corners. Namaste, Tamara

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