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Join us for an online class via Zoom. Our classes offer a personalised approach to movement because you deserve it!

About BendnMove - Yoga and Movement

We take a different spin on yoga and movement through our therapeutic approach. Our classes are small and they vary depending on who joins the class. Our movement practices are practical and functional and follow basic principles of movement that help you integrate the practices into your life. Classes offered through BendnMove help each student understand how to move their body comfortably. No matter what level you are, you will feel welcome at BendnMove.

We offer Viniyoga style yoga, restorative, and therapeutic yoga techniques. Along with movement, we offer Buteyko breathing instruction to help people suffering from conditions like ashtma, anxiety, sleep apnea, and other breathing imbalances.  Link to our Buteyko page to find more details on how Buteyko can change your life.

You might consider private yoga sessions either one on one or with a group. We have several yoga therapists on staff to help you explore yoga in a very personal and profound way. Yoga therapy is a great way to find balance and recover from imbalance both physical and emotional.

If doing yoga among strangers is intimidating, why not try a private class in your own home at the studio? Perhaps you haven’t done yoga in a while and want to brush up on the basics before going to a group class. Spend an hour with a teacher and gain the confidence to join a group class. We offer private instruction throughout the week and on weekends.

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Yoga and Movement
Yoga and Movement