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April Mantra

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your breath. Sense and feel the incoming prana, listen to the sound. Sense the feel of the exhale and listen to the sound. One of my favorite mantras for relaxation is “So Ham”, pronounced “So Hum”. The sound of the inhale is thought to be “SO” and the sound of the exhale is said to be “Ham”. This is a lovely change to do out loud or silently. When done out loud, the mantra is recited on exhale only but when done silently, you can recite “SO” on inhale, and “Ham” on exhale. I enjoy doing this for several minutes at a time especially when I’m feeling emotionally, energetically, or physically dull. This month, I’ve recorded it so that you can do it with me for about 5 minutes. I’ve also included a much longer recording from YouTube with a boys choir. I enjoy listening to this recording either during meditation or when sitting quietly reading or weaving. I hope you can also enjoy it. Please link here to download the recordings.

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