Build it and they will come…

The teachers at BendnMove and I are so happy to be swinging into gear at the studio.  The attendance is rising and the energy at the studio is flowing.  We have lots of new props and tools to share with our students, and the dancing teachers are working on new choreography.  It is a very exciting time for BendnMove.  

Everytime I go to the studio, I find myself absorbed in a project or just wanting to move in the studio.  It is such an inviting space.  Time flies when I’m there!  We have a lovely small yoga room where we will be offering meditation, yoga privates, light treatments, and massage.  I just laid a wood foam tile on the floor to warm up the room and it added such a lovely feel.  Together with the incredible tree that Karie helped hang on the wall, we have the perfect place for you to downshift and enjoy a private practice.


Do you need a light fix?  We have a happy lamp and would love to offer you a cup of tea while you bask in the happy lamp.  For a limited time, you can sit for a cup of tea and enjoy 15 minutes of light for $10. 

Our Cakra Crystal Healing lamp is on the way and we will be offering Cakra alignment with the crystal healing bed by late March.  This is an incredible experience that I was able to have while visitng the sacred valley in Peru last year.  I decided that I wanted to share it with all of you and now my vision is becoming real.  Getting it here has been challenging, but it is on the way now and I am crossing my fingers that it has a safe trip and arrives soon.  Watch the schedule and web site for more information.

I am building a dream that I want to share with all of you and the teachers that are working with me are a large part of my vision.  Each and every one has something so special that makes them just right to teach at BendnMove.  We are unique and we want to share this with you.  We know that if we keep adding great offerings to our schedule that you will come and discover what makes us different. 


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