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Monthly Mantra Meditations

I see that I have forgotten to write about the monthly meditations since April. I’m so sorry and hope that you were able to find the content posted on the site. Each month, I record a short mantra to help you start your daily meditation practice. Mantras are used to anchor the mind and are… Read More »Monthly Mantra Meditations

April Mantra

Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your breath. Sense and feel the incoming prana, listen to the sound. Sense the feel of the exhale and listen to the sound. One of my favorite mantras for relaxation is “So Ham”, pronounced “So Hum”. The sound of the inhale is thought to be “SO”… Read More »April Mantra

March Mantra

This month’s mantra focuses the awareness on consciousness, broadly speaking. It is easy to fall into a pattern of feeling separate and thinking in terms of how world events effect the self. What if you shifted thinking to an awareness of how world events impacts all people. Would you change anything about what or how… Read More »March Mantra

February Mantra Lesson

February’s mantra theme was expanding the heart center using the bija seed sound “Yam”, pronounced “Yum”. Link here to hear and understand more about this powerful mantra.

Lost your sense of smell?

Have you lost your smell? Recent studies indicate that it is possible to regenerate your olfactory cells in your nose and encourage your brain cells to remember smells. Get your nose working again! It is a simple process  but you will need to apply persistence and patience. If COVID-19  or sinus issues  have effected your… Read More »Lost your sense of smell?

January Mantra Challenge

What stands in your way of a life of happiness, abundance, and love? Maybe something standing in the way of your 2022 goals? Are you trying to get something done, go on a vacation, or some other deep longing? Sometimes what stands in our way is our own thinking. The biggest obstacle that stands in… Read More »January Mantra Challenge