Empowering clients

I’ve starting doing some work with Michelle Babb, a very talented nutritionist in West Seattle.  We presented a workshop last Tuesday (9/13) at Chaco Canyon about empowering the female body to make wise choices about food, exercise, and breathing.  It was a full house and only an introduction of what is to come, as what Michelle and I both discovered is that we have so much more to share.  We both feel very passionate about what it means to feel empowered to make smart choices for our bodies.  In preparing for this workshop, we thought it might be nice for others to know that we have experienced our own challenges and came to feel empowered through doing our work, research, study, and meeting with clients.  We weren’t born and growing up with habits that support great health.  It is our belief that it is our responsibility to share what we understand with all of you so that you might live a more wholesome life, able to navigate life’s bumps and curves.  In Patanjali’s Sutras 2.16 and 2.17, he says that pain that has not yet come is avoidable.  In order to avoid it, we must make choices that serve our higher self and not our ego and ignorance.  I think people can make better choices if they are informed and empowered to do so.  This is what Michelle and I hope to do over the next 6 weeks in our series, Empowered Woman.  I hope that you will consider joining us starting 9/28 at 7:00.  Please see our class listing for more details on the specific agenda.  Michelle and I teach together on 9/28, then we split off for 4 weeks with Michelle teaching 2 sessions and me teaching 2 sessions, then we come back together on 11/2 for our final session.  We have a ton of accumulated knowledge to share with you and hope that you trust us to empower you with it.  We will be your guide along the way as you use the information to make changes.  I look forward to working with you in these coming weeks and beyond.

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