Enjoy the Journey…

Sometimes I am reminded how important it is to enjoy the journey towards the destination, whether that be working towards a goal, or traveling to friends, family or vacation spot.  How often do we let anticipation get in our way of seeing life’s messages along the way.  The most recent Yoga Journal for June reminds us to let go of perfection and enjoy life’s unexpected surprises.  

The Yamas and Niyamas of Travel from Yoga Journal

It’s natural to harbor dreams of perfection when you travel, because you’ve invested time, money, and effort. But when the inevitable mishap occurs—missing a connecting flight, getting sick, being stranded without a hotel reservation—yoga philosophy can help.

So what would Patanjali do? He’d probably remember the second of the eight limbs of classical yoga, the niyamas (observances). Cultivating two of the niyamas in particular, Ishvara pranidhana (the practice of surrender) and samtosha (contentment), can help remind you that oftentimes, the joy is in the journey, whatever unexpected form it may take.

This article reminded me of last years vacation when my flight was cancelled twice and I had to wait two days to leave on my much anticipated journey to Peru.  I ended up having a wonderful dinner with my husband and a few days to relax.   And now, I await a long visit to Spain.  Summer is a beautiful time in the Northwest.  Allowing myself to linger and enjoy the days of summer while waiting for the trip will be spent with all of you at the studio.  We have a great summer ahead of us.


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