Finding Stillness Within…

As BendnMove continues to grow and flourish within the community of West Seattle, there seems to be so many opportunities to find our niche and help clients enjoy the benefits of yoga and other movement.  Recently, I’ve been graced with new students that have entrusted me to help with conditions of imbalance and dis-ease in their bodies.   While I find this such an honor to participate in their wellness, I also find it an incredible responsibility, one that I take very seriously.  It has reminded me how important it is to find stillness in my life so that I have room in my heart and mind to offer healing towards students and clients.  So often times as a teacher, it is easy to get caught in the rush and business of teaching and planning and forget to go within to nurture myself and practice what I teach. 

I get reminded when I start to feel out of sorts with myself, riddled with confusion, self-doubt, and a little prickly around the edges.  This is a call to sit on the mat and find stillness within.  My ego starts to rule the house and the observer, also known as the divine self, sits back and waits, patiently.  My sweet friend, reminded me that it is time to bring my divine self forward and allow stillness to return.  It is so important to listen for life’s little messages coming in the form of whispers from friends, aches and pains, confusion, depression, loneliness, among many.  How often do you ignore those little taps at your window? 

Chanting and forms of sound are very healing and meditative.  As so many of my students know, I like to chant at the end of each class usually about the aspects of health.  Chanting, through its vibration, helps me to realize stillness in my thoughts and body.  Once achieving that stillness, meditation comes easier and my nervous system seems to relax. 

Meditation is a great with way to intentionally find stillness in your body and mind.  There are a few aspects  that are key to finding ease in quiet meditation.  First find a time when you can be uninterrupted, even for just 5 minutes.  This might be when you first wake or right before you go to bed, or perhaps you can do this during your busy day.  Start out small if you have never done much meditation.  If you are experienced at it, finding a larger block of time like 30 minutes is ideal but not necessary.  Second, find a place that is comfortable where you can relax, uninterrupted, and have time for yourself.  Maybe your office, a park bench, maybe a room in your home, and maybe even at BendnMove.  Find the time and location, and you are more than half way there. 

The next step in beginning to meditate is to focus your attention.  I use chant to get me here, others, may have a mantra, word, phrase, or prayer that allows them to concentrate.  It is important to use the tool that resonates with you.   If you need some help finding this, you may contact the yoga teachers at BendnMove for some help. 

Start small and work up to a comfortable length for your meditation.  This self-compassion is what will help you create stillness.  Even allowing yourself to try different things until you find the ‘just right’ combination is empowering.  Stillness is achieved through breathing, gratitude, and forgiveness towards our own divine self.  Peace internal breeds peace external. 

If you want to know more about meditation, please contact us.  We will add a meditation class to our schedule this Fall once everyone returns from vacations.



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