Freedom to create…

My first week working on the studio and creating new dreams has passed.  It’s been such a wonderful start to a new journey ahead.   Meeting new teachers and people that want to be involved in the BendnMove mission is all very exciting.  There is a certain peace about it too.  When I walk into the studio, I feel the inner calling to sit and meditate on how fortunate I am to be able to provide a wholesome atmosphere for the community.  My prayer for the studio is that it will be enough for everyone.  Having lost my santuary last year where I used to practice, I now have a renewed sense of peace that what we are creating here is another perhaps bigger sanctuary.  I find peace in that. 


As new props and equipment arrive at the door, I feel the excitment of sharing all the wonderful tools with clients and students.  Helping people learn about their bodies and minds is a passion that I feel so fortunate to share.  Soon we will be ready. 


Yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais, dancing, Zumba, Bollywood, Nia, Barre, Boxing Fitness, Yoga Fitness, music celebrations, and so much more.   We/You have the freedom to make this what it needs to be for you.  Anything is possible! 


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