It takes darkness to see the stars

As a yoga teacher and therapist, I find that it is difficult to steady myself right now. I am reminded by my husband, my students, my friends, and fellow teachers, that now is our time. We have to be the leaders to help people through these difficult times. I read in a recent email from a fellow therapist that it takes a dark sky for us to see the stars. There are bright stars out there and they will help guide us. Look to friends, neighbors, family, and even a stranger sitting alone at a coffee shop or on a bench. Find ways to connect and have conversations. I feel most grounded when I do my yoga practice. Even standing in Mountain pose, and holding a hand gesture of peace helps me feel connected and able to calm my mind. I remind myself breathe, steady and gentle, just breathe. The yoga sutras have so much to say. Patanjali reminds us that the mind becomes quiet when we cultivate friendliness in the presence of happiness, compassion in the presence of suffering, joy in the presence of virtue and equanimity in the presence of hatred/non-virtue. And while Patanjali recommends these attitudes for a quiet mind, they also make for a more peaceful world. Can you be a star in the dark sky? Om Shanti Shanti, Shanti Tamara

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