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March Mantra

This month’s mantra focuses the awareness on consciousness, broadly speaking. It is easy to fall into a pattern of feeling separate and thinking in terms of how world events effect the self. What if you shifted thinking to an awareness of how world events impacts all people. Would you change anything about what or how you do things in your daily routine. Recall the saying, “Think global, act local”. There is only so much any one person can do to shift what is happening in the world around us, which brings me to why it’s important to contemplate this very subject. Try sitting and widening your awareness allowing your body and mind to feel like it is part of a bigger whole, then narrow your awareness to focusing deep inside your self. Go back and forth between wide awareness to narrow awareness and see how that makes you feel. It’s like a zoom in and zoom out feeling. Follow this up with the mantra repeated several times (maybe start with 21 times). This is the bija seed sound for greater consciousness. Mantra: Om Hum Svaha (or So Ham). Go here to learn more or listen to a recording.

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