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Monthly Mantra Meditations

I see that I have forgotten to write about the monthly meditations since April. I’m so sorry and hope that you were able to find the content posted on the site. Each month, I record a short mantra to help you start your daily meditation practice. Mantras are used to anchor the mind and are great tools for helping a person meditate or learn the benefits of concentration and meditation. The mantras are usually very simple ranging from one word to maybe a 3 or 4 line mantra. The mantras are non-dogmatic and anyone can practice them regardless of whether you believe in a specific religion or have dogmatic beliefs. They are not meant to interfere with any belief system other than perhaps what you might believe about yourself. Most of the recordings are about 5 minutes, enough to get you going. If you have any requests or are interested in learning any mantras, feel free to contact me at I can easily make a recording for you or meet with you in person to teach you a mantra. I’ve been using mantras now for several years to ground my meditation practice. I took a 200 hour class in India to learn Sanskrit pronunciation and mantra along with Indian Classical music and love to share my practice. Here is a link to the monthly meditation page where you can find the recordings.

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