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Monthly Mantra Practice

Manage the fluctuations of the mind by practicing mantra recitation. Mantra repetition is helpful for bringing the mind back into a state of ease and peacefulness. Each month, a mantra will be recorded and published for you to learn and use for personal meditation. As you use the mantra regularly, it will create a track in your mind like a safe place where you can go in times as stress and worry. The more you practice, the easier it is to get to the safe place of mantra under times of stress. Once you find the mantra that works best for you, stick with it for a while up to 60 days. You don’t have to switch every month.

You might think that you are too busy to practice this, but really this practice will help you be more efficient, more open to new possibilities, and it might even make whatever you are doing a little easier. 

You can use the journal to record a few thoughts about your practice each day. It’s interesting look back on a practice and see how you have progressed. Use the recording to have someone to recite with during your practice. Sometimes this helps when you are first learning the mantra.

Mantra Journal Download

Feel free to contact me for questions or if you would like a personalized experience of mantra meditation.