New Year, New Attitude…

As I look back on 2013 and my career in technology, I know that 2014 is going to be the year of rebirth.  I called 2013 the year of renaissance because so many decisions were made towards big change this year.  


I recently had an experience with a person with whom I consider a friend, but was awakened to something different.  After reflecting on the conversations back and forth, I realized that I’m in for an awakening in 2014.  My husband reminded me that I’ve been working in a technology world where thinking and acting masculine to get things done was a valued skill.  Most people, don’t appreciate the abruptness of the communication style that I’ve become so accustomed to use on a daily basis to survive.  I have some work to do to become more consciously aware of my divine feminine side. 


As coincidence would have it, I ran into a refreshing article that talked about becoming consciously awake to the feminine.  The article pointed out that consciously awake women care about their health, attitude, style, and connections.  They are approachable and even when situations or conversations get heated, they come around and can admit when wrong.  Stuff still comes up, and the consciously aware woman is by no means is flawless.  Awake doesn’t have to mean boring or goodie goodie, it just means bendable.


Today, I pledge to throw off my armor and boxing gloves and work towards discovering my strong feminine side that doesn’t need to self-protect to be strong.  I care about my health, my attitude, my style, and my connections.  I pledge to be open minded and reasonable about feedback.  I have my share of flaws, but I am willing to work on them to become more consciously awake and open to change.


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