One year later…

I haven’t blogged in a while, and thought it was no better time than right now to communicate how grateful I am to the community of West Seattle and my wonderful teachers at BendnMove.  I should also thank my wonderful husband for his unending support.  We are celebrating our one year anniversary on Sunday, February 8th.  This is a dream and vision come true!

Our mission…  to provide group and private instruction towards helping both men and women optimize their physical, mental, and spiritual health.  The classes we offer help with nervous system health and integration, as well as center line or core strength and overall health.  We stick to our mission and are very intentional about the classes on the schedule.  The business partners that we like to refer to also have the same philosophy, and it takes strong community partnerships to offer you a holistic approach towards health.  While BendnMove focuses on primarily movement, meditation, and some light therapy, our partners offer nutritional advice, clinical advice, and even life coaching.    BendnMove is only a piece of a pie, and it’s important that we stay focused on our mission and refer you to providers like New Balance Chiropractic, Full Life Nutrition, At One Coaching, Bio Junction Sports Therapy.  This is what will allow us to celebrate many more birthdays.   

Last year, we started off with Yoga classes, Feldenkrais ATM, Tai Chi, Resistance Training, Zumba, and Bollywood.  Today, we have that, minus Bollywood, plus Nia, Flamenco, Barre, and Zumba Gold.  We’ve made some changes and even have a few new faces; we are wiser and going steady.  2014 was a bountiful year that brought so much to the studio.  New and beautiful art from Sarah Huntley, Shelley Irish, and Howard Goldstein graces the studio walls.  Nia landed at BendnMove and became a great community builder.  Trish got her blue belt certification and continues to attract new clients with her routines.  I got my Booty Barre certification and am teaching 3 Barre classes per week and Burk is teaching one Barre class.  Rubina joined us and teaches Flamenco Rhythms, a very fun class!  Julia found us and she is helping clients with mindful awareness and living.  So many changes, and we still have room to grow. 

In 2015, BendnMove will offer more weekend workshops and if you have any topics that are interesting to you, please use the ‘contact us’ tab to let us know.  The crystal healing will make it to the main stage this year as well.   As more and more people find out about the power of the healing crystals, we get more and more booked.  If you want to know more about the crystal healing bed, please give us a call or ask one of our staff.  Clients are experiencing amazing break throughs.

Thank you for your support and business.  I know that there are many yoga and movement studios in West Seattle area, and it is a choice that you pick BendnMove.  Your health is our mission! 


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