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Sound Therapy

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Sound therapy near me
Sound therapy
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Integral Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history. Sound has always been used to heal and bring balance to many aspects of our lives. When we are out of balance, our internal vibrations in our tissues and organs are not communicating and thriving optimally. We are then considered out of balance. Sound therapy helps to bring your natural vibrations back into play so that you may return to your innate true nature. Sound therapy is a lovely adjunct therapy to many health care modalities.

“A fundamental principle of sound healing is that physical , emotional and mental symptoms are being generated by an underlying energy field. Thus, if we change the energy field, then the physical, emotional and mental behavior patterns will also change.” ~John Beaulieu

Explore sound therapy in its many forms

A sound session includes a conversation between you and your therapist about what is causing you to feel out of balance. The therapist will also do a sound assessment as part of your treatment to scan your biofield or electrical magnetic field. Base on this assessment, you and your therapist will decide which instruments are most appropriate for your condition or desired outcome.

The sound instruments include tuning forks, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, Gongs, Chimes, Rattles, Voice incantation. Most of the session is done off the body. When appropriate, forks and bowls can be placed on the body to create a desired affect. Most sessions last 60 minutes and can be done on either a massage table, the floor, or in a chair.

Sound Therapy is appropriate for helping to manage anxiety, stress in its many forms, chronic and acute pain, PTSD, cancer treatment and recovery, and many other conditions both physical, mental, and spiritual. Most people walk away from their sessions feeling very relaxed and more in tune with their bodies. The sounds help to bring your mind into the present and drop into lower ranges of consciousness accessing beta, theta, and delta frequencies where healing takes place.

Unlike many other healing modalities, sound therapy helps you access your ability to heal yourself by getting back in tune with your own born frequency. Your unique frequency where you vibrate optimally is called your spanda. The pure, clear vibrations and harmonies of sound healing instruments including the voice have the capacity to restore your natural resonance and bring you into harmonious balance.

Join us for either a private session or in a small group. Small group sessions are held once per month, usually the last Sunday of the month.

Tamara Gillest is educated through the Sound Healing Academy and has her diploma in offering integral sound therapy to individuals.

Testimonials on Sound Healing

“I always know that I can trust with confidence the information, tools, and techniques that Tamara shares.  She draws from a deep understanding of many healing modalities.  Her calm, loving way of being encourages me to feel safe in both sharing my issues and receiving treatment. Tamara is a gifted healer.”

J.S. – Seattle, WA

“Tamara is masterful both in her playing of the sound healing instruments and her attunement to what is needed for the client during the session. After a series of four weekly sessions with her, old stuck emotional issues melted, flowed and resolved themselves, leaving my heart more open and free. I highly recommend her work.”

V.J. – Seattle, WA

“Sound bath healing work is a wonderful addition to healing modalities I had already known”, and the sounds themselves opened me to making healthy changes in my vibrations. Tamara also shared many good tips about utilizing healing sounds, breathing, and movements from Qi Gong practice and other techniques she has mastered to affect healing on a multi-level approach.”

J. R. – Seattle, WA

“The sound sessions allowed me a feeling of calmness in certain “held” areas in my body that needed releasing. Since I have an excellent sense of hearing, these sessions with bowls, bells, drums are actually helping me with more gratitude for this wonderful sense experience. In real life, I listen to nature sounds to soothe. The bowls, bells, drums also do this for when “the world is too much.”

S.R. – Seattle, Wa

“I met with Tamara for a sound healing at a time when I was feeling stressed, wrestling with a set of decisions about what is next for me. The experience I had in the session was profound in that my body released layer after layer of tension until I felt a lightness almost like I was floating off the table. And then the after effect; next steps are abundantly clear and I feel I have the energy and the clarity to move forward with grace. Tamara’s skill and presence facilitated this for me, and I highly recommend for anyone at any time – I can now conjure the resonance any time I pause and feel the vibration in my body.”

J.A.. – North Bend, Wa

“I think the most positive outcomes from my sessions were a sense of acceptance for what is.  I found myself more appreciative for the day and took time to walk.  I felt more connected to the earth in the sense of being a part of it all.  Although I have chronic muscular skeletal issues, I found myself  relating to my body with more self compassion and loving kindness. Tamara is a devoted healer and works with you in a very individualized regard and with a very sincere and caring approach.  Tamara actively listens and uses her deep knowledge in working with a person’s energy field.”

K.S. – Seattle, Wa

Service Rates:

Small group session: $25 – Book your appointment here

One hour session: $60 (Summer rate June through August is $40) – Book your appointment here

Half-hour tune-up $40 (Call for scheduling)

Four one hours sessions booked as package: $205

Please call 206-697-4399 for an appointment.