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Our summer yoga therapy package deal: For $295 you get one 90 minute session, two 60 minutes sessions, and one group session. Please call the studio for an appointment to get started.

The education and skills required to work as a yoga therapist surpass those of the average yoga teacher, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology and psycho-spirituality from both the eastern and western traditions. Yoga therapy is a highly personalized experience that focuses on your specific condition and needs. It offers a means for safe, personal healing to people living with chronic pain or illness. You can expect a tailored program unique to you that incorporates breath, movement and meditation. Individual yoga therapy is ideal for those with special needs or conditions, who prefer a slower-paced program and a one-on-one setting. Click here to find out more about how yoga therapy can help through the International Association of Yoga Therapy

BendnMove offers a 4 week yoga therapy program that includes one 90 minute intake session to assess and begin the private practice. Each remaining session is 60 minutes and can be scheduled up to 3 weeks apart. The 60 minute sessions include review and assessment of the personal practice designed in the first session and changes to help personalize and deepen the practice. This is a highly personalized experience that provides a deep look into how the tools of yoga can help you transform your life. Schedule an appointment to get started with a certified yoga therapist.

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I saw Tamara for an evaluation last June, and she changed my life. Her discovery that I had weak hip adductors and how to strengthen them, and her advice not to exercise on locked joints at all was a starting point of a year long journey. She saved me from a lot of chronic pain and frequent injuries that I have lived with my entire life. I have since discovered that I am hypermobile and hyperflexible, and likely have mild ataxic cerebral palsy. Because of this, I have more energy and move more now than I did as a 5-year-old.

-Aree H., Seattle, WA

Does Yoga Therapy Replace other Treatment Modalities?

Yoga therapy is leading edge and uses yoga as a complementary treatment to traditional medical healing practices. Based on on-going treatment studies, these weekly sessions are ideal for those with chronic lower back pain, neck pain and auto-immune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, among many chronic conditions.