Remain vigilant, but do not be afraid

We have a week behind us after the shocking events of last week. The reality of our situation has certainly started to settle in, but I’m sure that more reality will come as the details get laid out. After spending the last week doing 2 daily meditations, I feel compelled to ask myself, what can I do to keep my eye open and vigilant over the health of the community. How can I hold myself responsible for not seeing the pain that so many are enduring. We have come to this crossroad and we have all somehow contributed to why and how we got here. I am involved in some way and now more determined than ever to pick myself up and learn, grow, understand, and keep my eyes open. Fear will not run my thoughts, but I will stay vigilant and mindful of my thoughts and actions. I own that I am angry. I own that I wish for a miracle that we could undo the events of last week. I keep waking up hoping that it is just another groundhog day and if we do it right, it will end. Guess what? We have to face up to the new realities of our nation. No miracle will save us. The next four years are going to rough, no doubt. I encourage you to take time to practice mindfulness. Keep your body and mind healthy and strong. When you have feelings of anger, rage, sadness, grief, loss, happiness, bliss, and the many other emotions, feel these emotions in your body. Stay connected, breathe, and move. Stagnant energy stays in your body and accumulates in the form of free radicals. It’s important to move every day, no matter if it’s yoga or some other form of movement, just move. Even try dancing around in your underwear. If you are needing a personal practice, please contact Tamara at BendnMove and she will work with you to design the practice that is just right for you. Move, dance, undulate, and most of all, breathe!

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