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Holiday Practice

As a gift to our students and friends, here is a recording of a short practice to get you through the holidays and ready to start the new year.  Feel free to link directly to this video or download it from YouTube.  This is a 30-minute gentle yoga practice.  If the link does not work, cut and paste this link into your browser:  https://youtu.be/mkuVF1y4olk  

Restorative movement rebuilds tissues

I get asked a lot about restorative yoga and why it’s important to focus on relaxation.  We even had someone ask us why they should come to the class to “lay around”.  Restorative yoga is all about relaxation and in this fast paced high intensity and distraction saturated environment, people need to find ways to relax their minds as well as their bodies.  Restorative yoga can be very challenging for the person who is always on the go because it invites consideration for relaxation and letting go.  There is a real science to it.  Different conditions warrant different movement and poses to help the body and mind settle in and relax.  For a person who is feeling high energy intensity from the day, it’s always smart to start them standing up or at least moving to get the energy to settle down.  For a person who is suffering from fatigue, starting sitting or laying down is helpful.  The practice can take many different directions, but it ends up in relaxation.  Applying appropriate breathing techniques as well as supported postures allows the nervous system to access the para-sympathetic response and further nurtures the enteric nervous system for digestion.  For the busy person who finds it difficult to slow down and relax, this class can be challenging, but certainly much needed for recovery.  Sooner or later, the busy person can hit a wall and be faced with imbalance, colds, flu, and even more serious conditions.   Try it out, especially if you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or out of balance.  It could save you a trip to the doctor’s office.