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Why add restorative yoga to your routine

An opportunity to slow down:
Restorative yoga (RY) allows you to disconnect from the stress and constant activities of life. Being still allows you to explore your mind and body, and give you time to integrate and let go of experiences.
Recharge your nervous system:
Slows the pace and deepens the breath which triggers the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) This mitigates the effects of the stress response, fight or flight, which is triggered by a multitude of stressors. The Stress responses can damage your physiology, immune health and wellbeing. Calming the nervous system comforts your mind and body at the cellular level.
Develop mindfulness skills:
Awareness of physical sensations that arise in RY plus thoughts and emotions can take you deeper into your subconscious. You begin to connect to a broader sense of you and the world around you because RY fosters a deeper level of consciousness expanding your awareness.
Allows for greater awareness of the inner workings of the body and mind:
RY draws your attention inward taking you away from the outside world with all its pushing and pulling. This then facilitates self-exploration and contemplation. It can then allow you to confront any discomfort that is affecting your wellbeing.
A safe and nurturing environment for healing and deep relaxation:
We move through our days and are confronted by fears, anxiety, and uncertainty. RY class offers a haven where you can disconnect from all that naturally comes up in life. The deep relaxation and breathing restores our body and true soul so you can emerge restored, renewed, and recharged with greater awareness of your connection to the layers of life- spiritual, physical emotional and physiological. This leads to a healthy immune system.

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