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Why Consider Sound Healing Therapy

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Sound healing is an ancient system of healing the body and mind dating back in human history and even to the beginning of human kind. Sound is intertwined into many religions, and belief systems and is a creative force that many don’t even consider even though is lives in our every day lives. Have you ever considered how sound impacts your mind? Try sitting in a room or outdoors for 30 minutes and listen to the sounds around you. You may notice sounds that you were unaware of that could be causing stress or relaxation. Many sounds in the environment are considered noise pollution. Noise pollution are a cacophony of sounds that create disturbances in the environment and in our tissues.

Dr. Masuro Emoto, a quantum physicist, performed a series of experiments in 1992 showing the power of sound communication on water crystals. Communication was through human voice and musical instruments. Positive and kind words like “thank you”, “I love you”, and the like created hexagonal crystal like formations that were aligned in pure forms. The same thing happened when the water was exposed to classical music and harmonious tones. In contrast when the water was exposed to cruel or hateful words and tones, the water crystals were distorted and unorganized. This work provided clear evidence that human energy communicated in thoughts, words, ideas, and music has a vibrational quality that impacts our tissues and molecular structure.

This is why listening to the sounds in your living environment can help you understand imbalances that you may be experiencing as a result of noise pollution. It’s worth a try! Another way of experiencing pure sound that is aligned to harmony is to attend our integral sound therapy sessions. Here we blend intervals that are known to vibrate at different hertz that align to the body. The experience is relaxing most of the time, but it can unearth deep rooted childhood experiences that may be causing pain and suffering. Integral Sound Therapy can be very helpful both in group sessions and one on one. If you feel like you may have deep rooted suffering, it might be better to schedule a one on one session. If you are having trouble sleeping or with stress, a group session would likely be appropriate. Check out our schedule for the next sound therapy session.

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