Your brain never stops changing

I read a wonderful blog post today and it seemed appropriate to pass along the information. I’m summarizing a post provided by Chris Loper at He reminds us that your brain is like clay and it can be shaped and molded through deliberate effort all up until the day you die. It never looses its neuroplasticity. Woohoo! That means that you can learn new things for as along as you are alive. This means that you can form new habits and literally change your life, mind and body. BUT… it takes some time. If you take a sledge hammer to clay, the molding doesn’t go so well. You mold clay by shaping it slowly with small changes over time. You can make dramatic shifts in your behaviors just by learning and practicing new concepts. Key word is practice. You do have to practice. Yoga is a practice of life behaviors. You can literally change your habits just by practicing something new. Meditation is also a great way to change the way your brain thinks. You don’t have to make your practice formal, you just have to do it. This could be a daunting task, but that is why you call on a mentor or teacher to help guide you. Are you trying to change or create any new habits? How are your doing it? Do you have a guide who is helping you create a road map? Changes can be made and your brain can be molded to accept and change your behavior and even your body. Let us know if we can help!