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To Our Yoga and Movement Studio

We are located in West Seattle, Washington. BendnMove is a little different because we highlight our small classes and focus on people who want a different approach to yoga.  We teach around the idea that movement, no matter what kind, helps people to adapt and bend with life. Every body is different and you deserve to be treated in a way that nourishes health and happiness.  Every class is different because we listen to our students and adapt each class to their needs.

The teachers at BendnMove will help you understand and appreciate how your body moves. Through healthy movement and breathing, you will realize increased health and vitality.

The Benefits

This deep relaxation supports healing by stimulating your body – producing natural chemicals that can help lessen the negative effects of stress, support your immune system, and sharpen your mind.

our teachers

Our teachers work hard to insure that each student experiences appropriate movement for their own body. We have highly qualified teachers to help you build confidence in the way your body moves.


Give the gift of health through gentle movement with a BendnMove Gift Certificate.   
We sell gift certificates in any denomination.  Just call the studio for more information or to purchase.  206-697-4399
Are you looking for a personalized experience in yoga? 
Yoga therapy is known to help people suffering from chronic conditions reduce or eliminate symptoms.   Ask your doctor about how yoga can help you!
Having trouble sleeping?  Or perhaps anxiety has your mind spinning.  
Consider learning more about how breathing light can help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety, sleep related troubles, and asthma.  Schedule an appointment today.


Buteyko Clinic Accredited Practitioner


Buteyko Breathing: 2 Session Series
February 29th @ 1:00 pm - March 7th @ 3:00 pm

Buteyko Breathing: 2 Session Series

The way you breath can dramatically impact your health, your focus, and your overall productivity. If you are an athlete and want to attain higher performance, the Buteyko method could help you attain results. The right breath pattern can make...  Read More

Yoga for Healthy Joints, Vital Core, Vibrant Spine
February 19th @ 6:30 pm - April 30th @ 8:00 pm

Yoga for Healthy Joints, Vital Core, Vibrant Spine

This class will focus on practices that complement classical physical yoga practices. We will use the principle of directed awareness and movement to overcome stagnation and facilitate renewal to promote mobility in the joints, vitality in the core/abdomen, and vibrancy...  Read More

Psychic Meditation Class – Level 1
March 12th @ 6:30 pm - May 21st @ 8:00 pm

Psychic Meditation Class – Level 1

In this series, learn practical techniques to identify and develop your intuitive abilities and psychic awareness. Gain skills to ground your energy; cleanse your aura; release emotions; bring in joy and enthusiasm; protect yourself from unwanted energy; release old stuck...  Read More

BendnMove supports Women Business Owners across Seattle.  Go here to see the list of businesses that we support.