Class schedule

BendnMove now offers all classes online in real time. In order to attend online, please register through the Book Online link in the menu. If you are an existing student, please use your email/phone number that is on file with us. If you are a new student, please provide phone number and email. This will add you to our class roster. Due to security updates on Zoom, our classes now require a password to enter the online classroom. contact us via text message at 425-441-3371; or phone 206-697-4399; or email Once you have established an account with us, we will release the password. Schedule may change due to unforeseen illness or accident. We do our best to stick to the schedule. Please contact the studio at or 206-697-4399 if you have questions. Due to the COVID-19 virus safety precautions, we are currently taking reservations for in studio classes for up to 3 people. All other students can attend online via Zoom. If you attend in-studio classes, we are requesting that you bring your own mat and props. We will have equipment for you to borrow if needed and we ask that you bring your own cover such as a towel or blanket and sanitise all borrowed props  after use with products available at studio.  Thank you!

November 2020 Schedule

10:00-11:15 amYoga For Every BodyTamara
6:00-7:15 pmYoga for Healthy Hips and BackTamara
10:00-11:15 amYoga for Vibrant AgingTamara
4:30 - 5:30 pmYoga NidraTamara
6:00 - 8:00 pmYoga Therapy by AppointmentTamara
7:00 - 8:00 amYoga for Every Body - Morning JoTamara
8:05 - 8:30 amMorning MeditationTamara
10:00-11:15 amYoga for Healthy Bones and BalanceMilo
6:00 - 7:15 pmYoga for Healthy Joints, Vital Core, Vibrant Spine Kapil
10:00-11:15 amYoga for Every BodyMilo
4:30-5:45 pmIntegrated YogaKarie
6:00 -7:15 pmRestorative Yoga—Rest and Restore Milo 11/12, 11/19
Tamara: 11/5
Cancelled on Thanksgiving
7:00 - 7:30 amMorning Meditation - Mudra and breath focusedTamara
8:00 - 9:00 amQi YogaTamara
10:00-11:15 amYoga for Vibrant HealthTamara
9:30-10:45 amYoga for Healthy Hips and BackTamara
11:00 am - 12:15 pmYoga for Vibrant HealthTamara
10:00-11:30 amYoga for Balanced Mind and BodyTamara
6:00 - 7:15 pmRestorative Yoga on 11/29 onlyMilo

Class Descriptions

Yoga for Every Body

Instructor will lead students through a series of yoga poses using modifications as necessary to help each student experience ease and stability. The use of breath with movement is used to help connect the body to the mind through mindful movement. No experience is necessary and you can join any me.
Yoga for Healthy Hips and Back

Students are lead through a series of poses to stretch and strengthen the back and hips. Focus on breath and movement help to ease and integrate healthy movement leading to awareness of posture. This class tends to be a beginning class, but welcomes all levels. Join anytime!
Yoga Nidra

A guided restful meditation based on the yoga principles of active rest. This class is very helpful in managing a range of emotions, health imbalance, and overall well being.
Integrated Yoga

Instructor will lead students through a series of yoga poses using modifications as appropriate. The use of breath with movement is used to help connect the body to the mind through mindful movement. Instructor integrates some Feldenkrais techniques. No experience is necessary. Join anytime!
Lu Jong

A Tibetan healing practice. It is a series of movements developed for self-healing. With practice you will be able to release blockages on the physical, energetic, and mental levels. You will feel balanced and able to transform nega tive emotions to ones that serve your health. The movement is gentle integrated with breathing. Join anytime!
Yoga for Healthy Bones and Balance

This practice will allow you to become stronger: slowly, gradually and safely. You will be lead through a series of movements that strengthen your bones and muscles, bringing balance to your body. Using weights as re- sistance is helpful for building bone mass. For this class, it is optional for some of the movement. Movement using resistance and light weight is a great way to help your bones stay healthy and avoid osteoporosis. This class can be enjoyed by all levels. Join Anytime!
Yoga for Vibrant Health

This practice allows the student to experience yoga stretches in safe stable environment using tools like chairs, blocks, and poles. This is a great class for people who want to develop strength and balance. This is a gentle class and is appropriate for the aging adult. It follows a slow and relaxing pace for those experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or experiencing challenge with balance. Join anytime!
Restorative Yoga: Relax and Unwind:

Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. It offers poses to unite your physical, mental and spiritual elements. Your body will relax completely, and you will feel restored, renewed and energized. No experience needed. If you like savasana you will love Restorative Yoga. Join anytime!
Qi Yoga
Gentle somatic yoga practice combined with Qi Gong movement and breathing. This is a breath centered practice using mudra hand movements.
Yoga for Mind Body Balance

This class will focus on engaging with classical yoga practices in a holistic way to create harmony and balance within oneself. Students will work systematically with physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation, to bring vitality to the body and serenity to the mind. Experience yoga for your whole being. Suitable for all regardless of fitness level, health conditions or age. Teachers will provide modifications for your unique needs.
Yoga for Healthy Joints

In this series you will experience an important group of yoga practices that promote healthy joints through systematic movement with different modes of awareness. These practices are valuable for developing awareness of the body’s movements, opening up all the major joints of the body, as well as relaxing the muscles of the body. The series may be practiced by anyone: beginner or advanced, young or elderly. Breath practices and yoga nidra included in class.
Private Yoga Therapy

Consider scheduling a private session that offers you an individualized approach to your body experience. Call the studio for details.
**Mats and props are available for use free of charge
Class Passes and Rates
Drop - in $22
5 - class pass$105
5 consecutive weeks of one class$95
10 - class pass$189
Unlimited Monthly Membership$129
4 Sessions of Yoga Therapy with Tamara$350
Semi-private 4 week series for MS and Parkinson's$160
First Visit$10